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Hair, Nails, Makeup, and Skin Care

A Salon Designed to enhance your image.

J.WILDER STUDIOS has created a unique salon/spa experience that offers a balanced approach to your entire personal image. From hair styling that creates the look you’ve always wanted to perfect nails that are designed to compliment who you are, the artists at J.WiLDER believe that style and beauty shine brightest when they are in balance with your personality and life style.

Hair Styling and Color

The IMAGE Salon at J.WiLDER always begins a new client relationship with an informal consultation. We want to hear your thoughts and ideas. Once we understand your goals, we will give you our expert advice and opinion as we discuss how to best address your needs.

Classic techniques are used in combination with personalizing touches to give your hairstyle a fresh and unique look.

Our hairstylists study under and with some of the most sought after and talented artists in the industry.


Team WiLDER is pleased to welcome Audrey Spall as our resident nail tech. Audrey is ready to apply her talents at finding the right style, color, product, and art for you. Our goal is to provide a relaxing atmosphere, personalized care, and a clean healthy enviornment for each and every client. If you are ready for a more intimate nail experience you'll be in good hands at J.WiLDER.

We offer a full range of nail care and services including acrylic and gel enhancements.

Love the Skin You Are In

Nothing feels better than having healthy glowing skin. Team WiLDER is proud to offer the finest and most effective skin care products on the market. Our skin therapy products are the most advanced multi-med regimes available without a perscription. These products have been created by the internationally recognized dermatologists who developed the break through acne solution ProActiv. Designed to address the most common skin concerns: Anti-Age, Reverse sun damage, adult Unblemish, and sensitive skin relief Sooth, these clinically proven treatments out perform everything else on the market. Click the following link to find your solution for healthier and younger looking skin today. Please don't hesitate to call if we can answer any questions about our services or products.

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